Professionally WILD, privately tamed

13.05.2021 Bunte 20/21 - von S. Heumann

As an artist, Alexander Höller, 24, is a wild rock star. In terms of relationship, however, traditional. The successful painter introduces BUNTE to his new love, hairstylist Svenja Reichert, 30: She is the managing director of the Artroom in Schweinfurt.

Höller: “She cut my hair for the first time five years ago, so I was already attracted to her. I asked her out more than once, but it never worked out because she’s at trade shows a lot.” The lockdown made it possible to get closer. “Our first date was last fall at her house, I had two bottles of wine from the gas station with me!”

SELF PORTRAIT: “The silent scream with raised middle finger”. Höller will soon be exhibiting in Cologne, Wiesbaden and Berlin, among other places

Now the painter commutes between his studio in Munich and his old home in Schweinfurt. “For the first time, I have arrived. Svenja is my haven of peace and my muse.” The relationship, the pandemic and his past all feed into the current series, “The Silent Scream” (Höller’s take on Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”). At least privately he could scream out loud with happiness!